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Rice fields on terrace in rainy season at Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam. Rice fields prepare for transplant at Northwest Vietnam

Create Business Values
through Partnership & Collaboration.

“Nature-Based Solutions” NBS

We focus on “nature-based solutions” (NBS) to improve the agricultural and other land activities in order to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Biological Carbon Removal
  • Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)
  • It is our goal to create business values to stakeholders in the Ecosystem through partnership and collaboration.
  • Our trading desk manages carbon assets trading and provides tokenization solution.

NBS Carbon Removal Project Origination & Development

As a project developer, this is C14’s interest to partner and collaborate with different parties in the ecosystem to deliver the best values to projects and customers.

Project origination & feasibility study

Local Stakeholder Engagement & Training

Project Design & Development

Beyond Value Chain (BVC) Insetting Project Design & Development

C14 Management Team

Brian AU

Co-founder, Head of Project Development

Benny Lau

Co-founder, Head of Business Development